Roll Goods Installation Procedures
Learn How to Install Roll Goods Matting


Determine the number of square feet that you will need by measuring the length (L) and width (W) of the area to cover. Multiply the width times the length to get the square footage of the space.
For area that are not rectangular, break up the area into smaller rectangles. Multiply the width times the length for each of the smaller rectangles separately and add up all of the results to arrive at the overall square footage.


Remove any old floor coverings, debris, and adhesives from the floor.
Clean the entire floor surface of any dust, drywall mud, etc. Once the floor has been cleaned, allow it to dry completely. The roll goods or berber material must be allowed to acclimate to room temperature prior to installation.

Lay Out

Apply your adhesive to the prepared floor according to the adhesive manufacturer's directions. We recommend CA024 Multi-Purpose Solvent Free adhesive for all installations both indoor and outdoor. In all cases, never use any adhesive that contains solvents.

Fitting and Cutting Material

Any excess roll goods or berber material around the perimeter can be trimmed off using a utility knife without damaging the material.