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StepWell Inserts Shoe Sanitizing Tray
StepWell Sanitizing Mat Inserts
Prices Start At: $40.95
StepWell Sanitizing Tray
Prices Start At: $89.95
Case of four inserts for StepWell Sanitizing Mats.
Holds approximately 84 ounces of sanitizer.
Works best with hydrogen peroxide or quaternary sanitizers.
2' X 3' Nitrile rubber tray with an abrasive insert that holds 84 oz. of sanitizer, helping to remove dirt and germs from soles of shoes.
Each tray comes with one insert. Additional inserts available here.
Works best with quaternary and hydrogen peroxide sanitizers.
Placing a walk off mat beyond the tray is recommended to remove excess liquid and moisture from shoes and reduce slips and falls.
Sanitizing solution not included.