Mat Cleaning Instructions

Waterhog Mat Cleaning
When possible, Waterhog mats should be vacuumed on a daily basis. During periods of inclement weather, use of a wet/dry vacuum may provide a more effective method of daily maintenance.
Deep Cleaning
1) First, shake the mat out to remove any loose dirt.
2) Next, vacuum the mat to pull off the ground in dirt.
3) You will need to spot treat any gum, grease, or tar that may be on the mat. BE CAREFUL. DO NOT USE ANY SOLVENT BASED CLEANERS. THEY’LL CAUSE THE FABRIC TO PULL AWAY FROM THE BACKING.
4) To remove gum with gum remover freeze: a) With the spray tube, apply the freeze directly on the gum. DO NOT OVERSPRAY OR LET THE PRODUCT SOAK INTO THE FABRIC. The gum will turn whitish. b) Using a putty knife or a screwdriver, chip away at the gum. You may need to repeat this process a couple of times until the gum is completely gone.
5) To remove gum with an organic citric gel: a) Make sure you buy the gel, not the liquid, so it does not soak into the fabric. b) Apply gel directly on gum and let it stand for 3- 5 minutes. c) Work the gel with a rag. Pick and pull as much gum off as you can. d) Apply some more gel. Use a nylon brush to scrub away the remaining gum. Don’t use a wire brush – it will tear the fabric. e) Use a tag to BLOT away any leftover gel.
6) To remove tar stains: a) Use GoJo Cherry or Orange Pumice Hand Cleaner. It will not soak into the fabric. b) Pick off any loose tar that you can. c) Apply the gel to the area and let it stand for 2- 3 minutes. d) Blot the area but don’t wipe it or the cleaner will spread past the stain. Always blot from the outside of the stain to the inside so you don’t spread the cleaner out over the mat. e) Use your nylon brush to agitate the stain. Blot again. f) Repeat this process until the tar is gone.
7) Clean the mat. a) Now that the tar and gum are gone, mix ½ cup detergent in a bucket with hot water. b) Dip a long-handled scrub brush into the soap bucket and apply generously to the mat. Scrub until entire mat is clean. c) Rinse with hot water if possible. Make sure to rinse thoroughly. You will know it is completely rinsed when no more soap is coming off the mat. d) Hang the mat up to dry. Allow 2-3 hours to completely dry. If it is in hot, direct sun, check it after 45 minutes. Make sure the back of the mat is dry before you put it back on the floor.
Cleaning Supply List
Gum remover freeze: available at Sears, Amazon, Grainger or a local janitorial supply company.
Organic citric gel: Again, make sure you get a GEL, not a liquid! We use Majestic Carpet Solutions Organic Liquid Gel from GoJo Cherry or Orange Gel Pumice Hand Cleaner: Available at Home Depot, Grainger or your local auto parts store.
Floor Preparation
Prior to the mat being put back into service, we recommend cleaning the floor where the mat will be placed in order to remove dust and dirt. This will allow the mat to grip the floor more effectively and reduce mat movement due to traffic.