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Urinal Mats CleanStride Mats (Tacky Mats) Universal Urinal and Commode Mat
Products with anti-microbial or disposable features to maintain clean facilities and prevent spread of germs, bacteria and contaminants.
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Clean Stride Clean Stride Mats - FRAME

Tacky-backed mats recommended for use in health care facilities, school gymnasiums, factories, laboratories, clean rooms and computer rooms.
Inserts perform many times before needingf to be changed and are numbered for inventory management.
24" X 30" inserts needed for 26.5" X 32" frame, 34" X 44" inserts needed for 36.5" X 46" frame.
Not recommended for wet areas.

Prices Start At: $44.95
Clean Stride Inserts Clean Stride Inserts

Sticky inserts for CleanShield rubber frame.
Sheets are numbered to indicate number of layers remaining.
Sheets will perform many times before having to be peeled away.
24" X 30" inserts needed for 26.5" X 32" frame. 34" X 44" inserts needed for 36.5" X 46" frame.

Prices Start At: $53.95
Cleanshield Urinal Mats CleanShield Urinal Mat

  • Protects tile and grout from urine stains.
  • Disposable for your convenience - specially designed 30-day Timestrip indicates when mat life is over and ready for replacement.
  • Made from 100% post-consumer recycled PET fabric from reclaimed plastic bottles.
  • Seep Guard Tacki Back eliminates urine seeping through to the floor while keeping the mat securely in place.
  • Clean Shield also helps to protect floors and grout from uric acid damage.
  • Quantity discounts available - contact us for details.

Prices Start At: $69.20
Commode and Urinal Restroom Mat CleanShield Universal Restroom Mat

  • Versatile restroom mat that can be used at urinals or commodes.
  • Adhesive backing to keep mat in place.
  • Timestrip to indicate when it's time to replace.

Prices Start At: $69.95