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Scraper mats prevent dirt, ice and salt from entering the building. Durable materials make these exterior entrance mats a long lasting solution to maintaining a clean facility.

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SuperScrape Grease Resistant SuperScrape Plus Flex Tip
SuperScrape Grease Resistant
Prices Start At: $44.95
SuperScrape Plus
Prices Start At: $39.95
Flex Tip
Prices Start At: $55.66
  • Effectively scrapes tough dirt and grime off feet.
  • Excellent anti-fatigue properties; durable rubber mat provides slip-resistant surface.
  • Available in four OSHA approved color-striped borders or solid black.
  • SuperScrape is ideal for outside entrances and production areas..

  • Multidirectional tread pattern scrapes away tough dirt and grime from all angles.
  • Includes drainable border to reduce standing water on the mat surface.
  • Innovative design creates an improved, modern appearance.
  • Excellent anti-fatigue properties Durable Rubber mat provides slip-resistant surface.
  • SuperScrape is ideal for outside entrances and production areas.
  • Two thousand finger-like tips / sq. ft. aggressively scrape soil from shoes.
  • Excellent for outdoor use OSHA-compliant beveled edges and deep wells hold heavy soil and debris.
  • Solid, 5/8" thick construction.
  • Has excellent anti-fatigue capabilities.
  • Easily cleaned by hosing off or shaking.
Safety Scrape Steady Comfort Anti-Fatigue Mat
Safety Scrape
Prices Start At: $37.95
Steady Comfort
Prices Start At: $64.95
  • Rubber mats designed for outdoors and other wet areas.
  • Molded design for high traction.
  • Cleated surface effectively scrapes dirt, sand and other debris from shoes.
  • Lightweight and flexible to allow for easy cleaning.
  • Mat providing both slip resistance and anti-fatigue features.
  • Anti-microbial treatment provides lifetime prevention of odors and degradation.
  • Grease and oil proof as well as resistant to chemicals.
  • Welding safe.
  • Lightweight and flexible for easy handling and maintenance.