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Logo entrance mats are a great way to promote your brand and personalize your floor mats. These custom floor mats are available in a wide variety of styles and materials, for indoor and outdoor use.


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Portico Nop Elevator Mats Clean Stride Clean Stride Inserts
Portico Nop Elevator Mats
Prices Start At: $234.31
Clean Stride Mats
Prices Start At: $39.95
Clean Stride Inserts
Prices Start At: $53.95
Elevator mats help protect floors, ensure safety and reduce noise on standard size elevators.
Tacky-backed mats recommended for use in health care facilities, school gymnasiums, factories, laboratories, clean rooms and computer rooms.
Inserts perform many times before needingf to be changed and are numbered for inventory management.
24" X 30" inserts needed for 26.5" X 32" frame, 34" X 44" inserts needed for 36.5" X 46" frame.
Not recommended for wet areas.
Sticky inserts for CleanShield rubber frame.
Sheets are numbered to indicate number of layers remaining.
Sheets will perform many times before having to be peeled away.
24" X 30" inserts needed for 26.5" X 32" frame. 34" X 44" inserts needed for 36.5" X 46" frame.
Wet Step Cleanshield Urinal Mats Anchor Pad
Wet Step
Prices Start At: $44.95
CleanShield Urinal Mat
Prices Start At: $69.20
Anchor Pads - Pack of Six
Prices Start At: $7.86
  • Produced with an anti-microbial treatment to resist odors and degradation.
  • Flow through holes allow water to drain through.
  • Special design allows for slip resistance and comfort, particularly in bare feet.
  • UV resistance allows for outdoor use.
  • Made from grease and oil proof rubber.
  • Available in standard and 3' custom sizes up to 20'.

Contact us for information on custom sizes.
Protects tile and grout from urine stains
Disposable for your convenience - specially designed 30-day Timestrip indicates when mat life is over and ready for replacement
Made from 100% post-consumer recycled PET fabric from reclaimed plastic bottles.
Seep Guard Tacki Back eliminates urine seeping through to the floor while keeping the mat securely in place.Clean Shield also helps to protect floors and grout from uric acid damage.
Quantity discounts available - for details contact us

  • Product helps keep mats and modular tiles in place to prevent mat movement.
  • Anchor pads are made with a release adhesive for repositioning.
  • They are also designed not to leave a sticky residue on the floor beneath the mat.
  • Comes in package of 6 - 4" X 4" or 24 - 4" X 4" adhesive pads.
  • Ideal for smooth backed Waterhog mats and Hog Heaven mats.
Sure Stride Self Adhesive Matting Sure Stride Plush Toilet Mats
Sure Stride
Prices Start At: $66.95
Sure Stride Plush
Prices Start At: $170.95
CleanShield Commode Mats
Prices Start At: $78.60
Low profile matting lasts up to 12 weeks under normal traffic conditions. The Tacki Back adhesive backing keeps the mat flat and in place. This matting is for use on hard floor and helps prevent slips trips and falls - the highly absorbent surface facilitates evaporation and the moisture barrier keeps liquids from soaking through the mat. Roll can be easily cut to fit your area.
Sure Stride Plush is 87% thicker and 39% heavier than the standard Sure Stride product. It features an anti-microbial treatment to deter growth of microorganisms and bacteria. Tacki Back adhesive backing keeps mat from moving and helps mat remain flat on hard floors. Rolls can be easily cut to desired lengths.
Seep Guard protects floor from urine seepage
Tacki-Back adhesive helps secure mat to floor
Anti-microbial treatment aids in odor protection
Certified high-traction by the National Floor Safety Institute
Timestrip indicates when it is time to replace with a new mat
Diamond patterned surface material much more attractive than standard institutional toilet or urinal mats.
Quantity discounts available - for details please contact us
StepWell Mat StepWell Inserts Desk Chair Mat
StepWell Shoe Sanitizing Mat
Prices Start At: $224.95
StepWell Sanitizing Mat Inserts
Prices Start At: $40.95
New!!! Desk Chair Mat
Prices Start At: $95.80
Shoe sanitizing mat offers a splash guard and sanitizing area as well as a wipe and dry area.
Insert features an abrasive surface to dislodge dirt and debris from shoes.
Available in three designs.
Compatible with most sanitizing and disinfecting solutions. Works best with quaternary or hydrogen peroxide solutions.
Mat includes one insert - additional inserts available for purchase here.
Sanitizing solution not included.

Case of four inserts for StepWell Sanitizing Mats.
Holds approximately 84 ounces of sanitizer.
Works best with hydrogen peroxide or quaternary sanitizers.
A decorative yet functional mat that helps protect floors from chairs. Available in three stylish patterns and three versatile colors.