Why Rent Mats?

Protect Floors
  • From 80% of the soil that would otherwise be tracked in on shoes.
  • From everyday wear and tear in high traffic and work areas.
  • From spillage around vending machines and water fountains.
Save Money
  • On less frequent floor cleaning.
  • On stripping and waxing floors.
  • On vacuuming, shampooing and replacing carpet.
Enhance Appearance
  • Clean, fresh mats look better and work more efficiently.
  • A regularly scheduled rental service insures attractive-looking mats.
Static Dissipative
  • Rental service mats not only protect floors from dirt, they also protect sensitive electronic equipment from static electricity.
  • Made with static dissipative Ultron nylon yarn, these mats contain thousands of carbon filaments to absorb and dissipate static electricity.
  • Regular laundering insures mats will never lose their static dissipative qualities.
  • Helps prevent tired feet at work stations.
  • Insulates against cold floors.
  • Improves productivity.
  • Helps keep floors clean and dry.
  • Mat surface is more slip resistant than hard surface floors.
  • Controls spillage from salad bars, produce counters, vending machines and other areas where spills can cause accidents.